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Custom Designed Websites

To us, you are not simply an account. You are a living, breathing person with specific needs, ideas, and demands. Using images, words, and programming languages, our team works with you to tell your story.

Over the past twenty years, we've developed hundreds of websites and web-based applications, and we've customized and expanded many others. From artist portfolios, to comprehensive corporate billing and support portals, to responsive websites for small businesses, organizations, and educational institutions, we have the demonstrated experience necessary to tackle any project--small and large. What unites all of our projects is a commitment to the individual--a commitment to work with you, to learn from you, and to use the tools at our disposal to create the website or web-based application that tells your story.

screenshot of Andrew Park's website


We design a site for you to tell your unique story--not someone else's.


Our contracts require that we work together through the design process.


Our contemporary designs are always ready for mobile or desktop viewing.


Our programming and design team is in-house--in Celebration, Florida.


We can add functionality to or "fix" any site--not just ones we develop.


We focus on industry standards and security in everything that we do.


Need help? Live chat, ticket, and email support is always included.


When you need print design, printing, or photography services, we're ready.


We'll earn your business... every day. You'll stay because you want to.


The sites below showcase a few of our most recent website design projects; however, our more than twenty years of experience allows us to offer samples that closely align with your needs, wants, or ideas... and to take on your project with an unmatched commitment to deadlines, security, and cost-effectiveness. Interested in learning more or getting a no-obligation comprehensive quote for your project? contact us today. For even more samples, take a look at our web application development services.

Nebraska Repertory Theatre

Dissatisfied with the limits and constraints imposed by a previous design template, the Nebraska Repertory Theatre turned asked us to propose a completely new design that better conveyed the style, work, and history of the Theatre. In less than forty-five days, we moved from proposal to finished product--meeting every deadline and coming in under budget.

The Nebraska Repertory Theatre's new site is easy to update and allows each production to have its own style (while still being cognizant of the overarching style of the Theatre itself). Built in PHP and utilizing a custom and purpose-built control panel, the new site showcases the Company's more than fifty year history while being accessible and mobile compliant.

Our commitment to ongoing relationships means that the Nebraska Repertory Theatre continues to turn to us for hosting, security, and site updates and expansions.


Janacek Investment

Looking for an update to an aging series of websites, Janacek Investment, a Wisconsin-based commercial and residential management and realty firm, asked us to create a new style that would unite all of their properties, provide a mechanism for quick and easy updates, and be responsive when viewed on mobile devices.

The new series of sites for the parent company and for each of their properties (Janacek Investment, Garden Plaza, and Bluemound Plaza) link all of the properties under a single, responsive style, while allowing each to be properly and individually showcased.

As a full service design firm, Janacek Investment asked us to design the printed property information sheets and provide the on-site traditional and aerial photography used throughout the new pages. Janacek Investment continues to turn to us for hosting, site updates, including updated property photography and updated collateral design materials. BLUEMOUNDPLAZA.NET GARDENPLAZA.NET

Jason Bowen

Michigan-based actor Jason Bowen needed a custom, heavily visual website to showcase his portfolio and invite contact from potential employers. The resulting site features full screen graphics, multiple slideshows, and easy navigation.


Andrew Park

Lincoln, Nebraska-based stage director Andrew Park turned to us to capture his work in an image-based, bright, and unique web presence. After editing hundreds of photographs, we united the director's work into a comprehensive portfolio.


WLN: A Journal

The editors of WLN: A Journal of Writing Center Scholarship challenged us to unite a forty year history of a print publication with an ever expanding collection of online resources. The resulting site allows for continual updates by multiple parties.



Our own products and services also provide a good look into our design capabilities. WCONLINE's new website showcases a new product version via a catchy, easy-to-use, responsive, and informative design--and was completed two months ahead of schedule.


Elliott Fredland

Chicago-based voice, screen, and stage actor Elliott Fredland turned to us to design a simple and low-cost website that could be easily updated and that would serve as an online portfolio. We completed the site for less than $1,000 and continue to host it.


The Side Project

We are always ready to help--even when a site's design was not done by us. The Side Project, a Chicago-based theater, liked their existing design, but relied on us to move the 10+ year old backend coding to modern PHP 7 and MySQLi standards.